Commercial Off-the-Shelf
The Perry Initiative promotes maximum utilization of quality commercial products in military systems where all aspects of system performance can be realized without compromise. Many custom requirements can be met using COTS power modules packaged to meet the specific system requirements. The COTS approach to custom power solutions has gained wide acceptance in military systems. There are several reasons: low NRE, high reliability of ISO Registered commercial manufacturers, and reduced overall program cost (especially for low volume production requirements).

Ensign is a “Value Added Reseller” (VAR) with VICOR Corporation. Thus we have access to special technical support and considerations through VICOR in the design and manufacture of custom power supplies using their wide selection of modules. Through the use of these modules we can provide quick turn design, with minimal NRE and the shortest possible schedule to production.

The following is given as an example of what can be achieved using this approach:

Example of COTS Power Supply
Input Voltage: 270 VDC
Output Voltage:

28 VDC @ 5 AMPS
5 VDC @ 20 AMPS



  • Modules can be packaged using a variety of physical configurations and cooling techniques to meet your requirements.
  • VICOR provides many ranges of input voltage, output voltage, and power for their DC-DC modules. They also provide AC-DC power factor corrected modules for AC applications and battery chargers for battery operated systems.
  • Any unique requirements such as built-in-test, power sequencing, or low power linears would be designed as custom parts by Ensign.
  • The above example could be designed, documented, and have the first production hardware available in typically less than 8 weeks. The NRE could be as low as $5000, depending on packaging complexity. The unit cost could be as low as $500 in low quantities.