Ensign Power Systems Inc …. High Reliability Custom Power Supplies


Our extensive experience allows us to design and manufacture to stringent military specifications and serve as a valuable resource to our customers. Experienced designers teamed with our experienced test personnel guarantee final product compliance to your specifications. The following tables outline our design, test, and assembly capabilities.

Design & Analysis Capabilities (In-house)
Design Function Specifications Software Support
Electronic Design NAVMAT 4855-1A  
Component Stress NAVMAT 4855-1A PSPICE
Reliability Analysis MIL-HDBK-217 RELCALC
PWB Design & Doc. MIL-STD-275
Documentation MIL-STD-100 AUTOCAD/ Microsoft Word
Thermal Design / Analysis



EMI Design / Analysis



Engineering Design:

Ensign Power Systems is fully staffed with engineers and equipment for the design power supplies and converters.  We design and document all of our products as custom products for our Customers.  We are fully capable of designing to all military standards.  Our services include prototyping of the product for the Customer and for ourselves.  We utilize 3-D design, simulations, manufacturing drawings, bench testing and debug of prototypes.  We also develop auto-testing of products for qualification and production.  Ensign Power Systems quotes NRE for project engineering costs.  Unless otherwise specified, Ensign Power Systems retains all Rights in Data for our designs.  We are ITAR registered and compliant.


Product Design Parameters:

Ensign Power Systems has designs that encompass from less than 1 watt, up to 3KW per phase.  We work with voltages from less than 1 volt, up to 20KV.  We work with AC to AC, AC to DC, DC to DC and DC to AC designs.